What?  You’ve never run your own golf tournament.  That’s okay!  We’ve run hundreds of them!  And we want yours to be a success!  Tournaments should be as much fun for the tournament organizer as it is for your players!  It’s all in the details.  And we love handling the details!  Why? Because we love happy people.  It’s not just what we do, it’s who we are!

Corporate Tournaments


While our championship course could stand up by itself, it is our staff’s commitment to “making life better” for all that keeps groups coming back.  We have had the privilege to serve many corporate, charitable and private clients and we treat each event with the same level of care as the first.   From small groups of 24 to the PGA Oregon Open, we are the Willamette Valley’s preferred destination for large and small tournaments of all kinds. Our goal is for you to completely enjoy your day!

Fundraising Tournaments


We have seen a whole bunch of clever events that work.  We’ve also see people spend a lot of time on things that don’t.  When it comes down to it, your players and your sponsors are priority number one.   They want to have fun and know that they are making a difference!  We look forward to helping you plan, stage and deliver an event to your guests that they will remember.

Small Tournaments


Do you really want to spend another Saturday at the local grocery store washing cars to raise money for your kids sports or choir teams?  There.  Is.  a.  Better.  Way!  What if you told the coach that Mallard Creek would be glad to set aside tee times for a small tournament.  Let’s say 40 players.  You still have to set aside an afternoon, but instead of washing cars, you get to play golf with your buddies!  The average group of 40 players can make over $2,000 in a quick afternoon.  That buy’s a whole lot of uniforms for the team!    .

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