Hole descriptions and advice to be taken lightly!


HOLE 1 – Par 4  “Place your bets”

Here are a couple things to remember:  most matches are won or lost on the first tee, and the less you bet the more you lose when you win!  The tee shot is important here.  There is a lot more room than it looks from the tee.  Left center is a good line.

Jeff Got a 1 Here

HOLE 2 – Par 4  “Enjoyable Risk”

“If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do?”  – Steve Jobs

Depending on the tee you are standing on, this green is reachable, and a heck of a lot of fun to try.  On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with laying up.  Pars are fun too!


HOLE 3 – Par 3  “Contest Hole”

Closest to the pin for a beverage?  This short par-3 is one of the easiest on the course and closest to the clubhouse.  A great chance to win a beer or glass of wine from your buddy.  Beware of the deep bunker short of the green and pick the right club.  The hazard behind the green collects more balls than it should.  Your caddie wouldn’t be the first to be fired on this hole!



HOLE 4 – Par 4 “Bellinger Scale”

The green on this par 4 sits where the old “Bellinger Scale” used to sit.  As shot values go, this hole provides one of the most enjoyable and challenging shots on the course.  A generous fairway will give you a short to mid-iron approach to this large and undulating green.  Errant shots will find the water short, right and long.  Shots to the left of the green will be swallowed by a long bunker, leaving players with a tough bunker shot and water as a backdrop.  Pick a target, take a deep breath and trust yourself.  If you miss, well…”The world needs ditch diggers too Danny!”



HOLE 5 – Par 4  “The Chute”

Remember, there are five sets of tees to choose from at Mallard Creek.  This might be a good time to assess which tee box you chose.  At 470 yards from the back tees, the back tee demands a perfectly struck tee shot through a gap of mature Douglas Fir.  And, you are about as far from the bar as you can get.  

Hole 6 Fairway



HOLE 6 – Par 5  “Contest Hole”

This unique horseshoe shaped hole is well guarded by Hamilton Creek and offers players a great chance at reaching the green in two.  Can you knock it over that fairway bunker?  If you can, you will be rewarded.  If not, meh.  That’s golf!



HOLE 7 – Par 3  “Turning Back”

One of the best green complexes on the course.  Approach shots collect in three different areas.  Birdies and three putts are frequent.  Hamilton Creek horseshoes around the entire green and you guessed it, a large bunker guards the front.  But hey, it’s short.  And we are all good with our wedges.  Right?



HOLE 8 – Par 4  “Geometry”

An almost 90 degree dogleg.  But, the shortest distance is a straight line.  If you dare, tee it high and let it fly!  But you might want to grab a couple extra balls out of your partner’s bag first.  Those trees are tall!



HOLE 9 – Par 5  “The Challenger”

Be sure to Dodge the hazards left and right as you wind your way up this long par-5.  Add a club as you approach the green and be sure to stop by the golf shop at the turn.  Hot dogs and cold beer aka “aiming oil” always seem to help on the back nine!


Mallard Creek Golf Course



HOLE 10 – Par 4  “Hang Time”

Keep left to avoid being behind a well guarded green.  Locals know that this green slopes severely away from you.  But it never seems to keep players from going past the pin.  Way past!


Hole 11 Green












HOLE 11 – Par 4  “Go For It – Laying up is for Basket Ball”

The bunker isn’t a bad target.  That is, if you are good hitting bunker shots.  If not, just left of the bunker you can hit a short pitch shot while your partner marks his eagle putt on the green!















HOLE 12 – Par 5  “Osprey”


A short, reachable par 5 that play at least two clubs longer than it looks.  Be sure to stop and enjoy the beautiful surrounds as you play.  Often, Osprey can be seen diving the ponds for fish.  Or perhaps they are trying to retrieve golf balls in the pond.















HOLE 13 – Par 3  “Signature”


It is difficult to pick a signature hole, but this was easy.  The view from the top overlooks the valley and this two tiered green.  Whether you are the “Quiet Please” or the “Hold my beer and watch this” type, this shot is fun to hit!







HOLE 14 – Par 4  “The Gauntlet”

We have had far too many club champions succumb to the Gauntlet.  Better known for “If only I…” statements, this hole actually isn’t that hard.  “If only I hadn’t hit Driver!”















HOLE 15 – Par 3  “A Room with a View”


Yes it would be fun to play from here to the first green.  (Be sure to ask the golf shop when the next cross country golf event takes place)  In the meantime, keep your shots right of the hole and you will enjoy the results.  Shots up to 10 yards right of this green often make their way to the putting surface.


mallardcreek_hole16d (1)










HOLE 16 – Par 4  “The Stinger”

Tiger’s stinger would play well here.  A low draw will leave you with a short iron to another green that slopes away from you.  This shots plays up to 2 clubs shorter than you think.  Trust.  Me.  I’m a copy writer!















HOLE 17 – Par 4  “Stretch”

One of the longer par 4’s at Mallard Creek.  This elevated tee shot sets the stage for a long second shot.  Check the wind, it’s either at your back or in your face.















HOLE 18 – Par 5  “Home Run”

You know all that swing “nice and easy” stuff you read about.  Humpf!  Let.  It.  Rip.  Take dead aim for that tree and hope you miss.















“The 19th Hole”

Whether it is time to celebrate your great round or cry in your beer, be sure to stop in and enjoy some of Oregon’s finest beverages!